Happiness is worrisome.

You live not knowing when or if it will be stolen from you.

When you feel the happiest, there is also this kind of fear. The scary thought of losing it. And you start thinking: “I had been happy for so long now” 

It seems so strange that you feel something wrong may suddenly happen and, then, that same thing laughing at you: “What did you expect? You knew that I would come back; you mustn’t smile for a too long time”

But then, there is also another part of you. It whispers to not over-think, that everything is going to be fine, that you have to trust, that there comes no good in being projected in a not-so-probable future.

So, you tell yourself to believe and to smile, to stop thinking silly stuff and to live in the present.

Though, hidden in the most obscure part of your heart, you know that that fear is still there. Tamed, but not gone.

Waiting, in the dark, to strike again.



Walking with apparent security,

Stalling in uncertainty.

When the pillars that grow strong, like roots in the breathing meadow, shake, you find yourself wandering on a shattered floor.

This never-ending sensation keeps bothering the mind.

Trying to rationally reply to impossible riddles,

while you don’t even know the truth yourself.

When doubt arise, infiltrating your mind, it’s too late to look back at your past, unclouded self.

You must uncertainly walk till you find the answer.

Though the senses are obstructed and deceptive. 

Do not stop looking for it.

Surely, behind this thick fog, there is a new world waiting for you.


Like a shining star happiness is far away.
I’m glad because I can see it every night, talk to it and share my deepest secrets, but

I know I would be completely happy if I could reach it, touch it, breath it.

So distant.

A strange anxiousness pervades the mind while lying on bed.

It becomes difficult to sleep and hard to breathe; I look my star to find solace.

But then, a terrible thought possesses me, taking me on the verge of crying.

What if I die before meeting my star?’

It could happen. Accidents take place every day.

The promised happiness would vanish before having tasted it and the star would mourn.

I don’t know how I haven’t thought about that possibility before. But now that I did I can’t stop obsessing.

And the desire to reach becomes stronger and stronger, as I hope tomorrow’s breath won’t be my last.


Are you Asian? It’s ok
Are you Black? It’s ok
Are you White? It’s ok
Are you Female? It’s ok
Are you Male? It’s ok
Are you an Intersex? It’s ok
Are you Homosexual? It’s ok
Are you Heterosexual? It’s ok
Are you Bisexual? It’s ok
Are you Pansexual? It’s ok
Are you Asexual? It’s ok
Are you Demisexual? It’s ok
Are you Atheist? It’s ok
Are you a Religious? It’s ok
Are you Rich? It’s ok
Are you Poor? It’s ok
Are you (mentally and not) ill? It’s ok
Are you a disable person? It’s ok
Do you love having sex? It’s ok
Do you hate having sex? It’s ok
Do you practice safe BDSM ? It’s ok
Do you enjoy watching porn? It’s ok
Do you like wear in black? It’s ok
Do you like short skirts? It’s ok
Are you overweight? It’s ok
Are you underweight? It’s ok
Are you a Racist? It’s NOT ok
Are you a Homophobe? It’s NOT ok
Do you treat differently people because of their wealth? It’s NOT ok
Do you disrespect people? It’s NOT ok
Do you make fun of others? It’s NOT ok
Do you bash people because are different? It’s NOT ok
Do you judge people because they find their happiness on a different way from yours? It’s NOT ok
Remember that the others are OTHERS. The only one who must be happy about yourself is YOU. Nobody else. Others have no right to dictate/bash/judge you because you are different. Be PROUD to be you and no one else.