The other side

I feel so sick because these tragedies are not enough by themselves.

Europe is stressing and transforming into a Shakespearean tragedy what happened in Manchester. 

YES, it was hideous. YES, it was terrible. YES, children lost their lives. YES, their families are in pain.

But Europe is USING this as a propaganda against Muslims. 

I live in Italy. And from this morning I heard NO word about what happened in Bangkok or in the Philippines on Italian TV, but everything is concentrated on what happened in Manchester. They don’t even say the news in a normal way if something like this happens in Europe.

That’s mind manipulation though media.

Saying a news is one thing; releasing videos of the tragedy with sad music and poetic words over and over again, it’s not. They aim to touch people’s sensitivity. It’s already bad enough, but they transform it in a “movie” and then? They talk bad about Muslims.

I HATE it.

I just can’t stand this fake piety, European nationalism, racism. Using children’s death to spread more hate. 

If there is a God, please, send another flood as we have failed as human beings.


Be with the World, not a part of it


I’m still not sure if I’m enough cool-headed to write this post. I need to be calm to say everything I want to say in the best way, and so convey my feelings to the reader. I should give a try.

It’s 22 hours now, that I can’t stop thinking about what happened in Paris. I got to know the news just while it was happening, and as I was listening to TV news and reading on internet, I was telling to my muslim girlfriend what was happening. We could feel the tension, the confusion, the continuos searching for scattered news. It arrived in my dreams too, and I had a nightmare of people of ISIL wanting to kill me and my girlfriend, while we were running away from them.

Probably it was the same anxiety French people felt yesterday, while hearing noises and running away from them, and probably worse, because they lived it.

ISIL simultaneously attacked Paris in 6 different sites: five shootings attacks and one bombing. More than 120 people died in this atrocious, brutal terrorist attack, including the terrorists.

We all, as me myself, feel actual pain in our hearts thinking that those lives are now no more and thinking about their families and the terror they have experienced. It was not right. They didn’t deserve it.

But I’d want to say more than this. Because this isn’t enough to show the actual situation.

After me and my girlfriend knew about all this, our thought was: “I hope this is not IS doing”

Why is that?

Have you thought about the repercussions another act like this have on Muslims, and in particular, on Muslims living in Europe?

Today some Muslims were spit on in Paris.

Tomorrow something else will happen too, I’m sure.

What I want to say is to not attack/insult/segregate Muslims.

Not every Muslim is part of IS. The biggest part isn’t. The biggest part just wants to live a quite life like anyone else.

The problem here is not being a Muslim or not. The problem is Extremism. I’ll give you an example, so you can easily understand.

Let’s take as example a Catholic person. This person reads the Bible and begins to follow it at 100%. Believe me, that Catholic person should then kill a lot of people out of here.

More than the Bible, the Quran is a book spreading peace. But, as the Bible, it has several sections of killing parts too.

The problem isn’t the religion itself, but how we let the Holy Book influence our lives, actions, way of thinking.

Muslims living in Europe dissociated themselves from these acts and attacked them. And they also started a big initiative of showing their faces with a poster that said “Not in my name”.

We shouldn’t close our hearts to people seeking for help, as refugees. They are not IS.

We shouldn’t spit on a Muslim in the streets. She is not IS.

Is is about control and fear. It’s about control, people. IS wants to devide us; IS wants us to hate each other.

Don’t turn your anger on innocent people. Don’t be blinded with hate. People don’t understand that their game is to put us against each other and that we are following exactly what they want. We should be together and fight against extremism. Not against Muslims.

In the end, I really liked Kasim Khad’s post on Facebook:

I generally like to hold back on political status updates until I have good reason to post one. Seeing Facebook covered in the blue, red and white colour of the French national flag is touching and my heart bleeds for the victims and their families. But yet again mainstream media and social media have shown just how powerful they are by controlling and manipulating the minds of the masses. Let’s get a bit of perspective here, It is reported that 128+ people died tragically last night in Paris. Well after doing some research I have found conservative figures that show ISIS are reported to have killed approx over 200,000 people in the past year alone and most of them are Muslims and many of the rest Christians. Why has there been no massive outrage for this? Why haven’t we changed our Facebook profile pictures the colour of Iraq’s, Syria’s, or Palestine’s flags? The current death toll in Syria is 250,000 including 30,000 children. In 2014 alone 2,220 Palestinians, including 513 children were killed by the State of Israel. We have been desensitized by corporate owned media. Use your brain and ask yourself why you care so much about 128 + French victims and less about 1.5 million + Iraqi, Syrian and Palestinian victims? Try to imagine in your head what 1.5 million people looks like…. it’s almost impossible for us to even create a mental image of this.The media manipulates our minds and it’s up to us to educate ourselves and search for the truth. And I haven’t even got started on who created and funds ISIS….
I hope no one is offended by this status because I stand against terrorism as much as the next person, but I am equally passionate about the truth and if you just dig a little deeper then you will see that everything is not as it seems. If we are to end terrorism then we need to be an informed and educated society. And we need to rely less on mainstream media and more on our own minds.

And this is exactly what the title of my post shows. Another interesting point is the double standard many White people have. (I’m a white european girl). Don’t see things only when they happen in your country and say “Omg, this happened”, but turn your head on other situations where IS is present too and were people die too.

People die in Paris and everyone cares; people die in Baghdad and nobody cares.

I’d like to remind that lives are lives.