Happiness is worrisome.

You live not knowing when or if it will be stolen from you.

When you feel the happiest, there is also this kind of fear. The scary thought of losing it. And you start thinking: “I had been happy for so long now” 

It seems so strange that you feel something wrong may suddenly happen and, then, that same thing laughing at you: “What did you expect? You knew that I would come back; you mustn’t smile for a too long time”

But then, there is also another part of you. It whispers to not over-think, that everything is going to be fine, that you have to trust, that there comes no good in being projected in a not-so-probable future.

So, you tell yourself to believe and to smile, to stop thinking silly stuff and to live in the present.

Though, hidden in the most obscure part of your heart, you know that that fear is still there. Tamed, but not gone.

Waiting, in the dark, to strike again.



Oh, kind and cruel Morpheus,

please don’t wake me up.

I don’t want to find myself in an empty reality again.

Make me sleep comfortably in your arms and sing to me soft lullabies, leading me to a blissful eternal dream.

Don’t let my eyes open and make me linger in this warm reality eternally. 

I won’t ask you for more, oh Morpheus, this is a promise.

I only want you to not throw me in a harsh world again and let this heavenly happiness pervade me, without fear that it will fly away.

Let me live in this dream made of love, trust, projects, understanding, future.

I would gladly exchange day with night, make reality a beautiful dream and nights full of terrible nightmares. 

I do not care what’s the price I must pay for what I asked, as nothing is too pricey for my dream to become true.

So, please, take in mind my request and allow us our beautiful reality.