New World

Darkness painted the sky

with its heavy, black curtains.

As if oxygen disappeared,

no life could be found.

A new world of despair.

Walking, in the desolated streets,

Hell’s colour ruled and 

lungs were filled with dust and death.

‘Take me out from this place.’

That’s all I could I think, 

running away without a destination.

Tears fell down without life.

A screaming heart it’s all which remained.


The only word my broken voice could ask.

Lost in a world without any meaning or salvation, 

I wanted to tear down the sky with my hands

to let stars shine on that grass, water, survivors.

A new Era has started.

Pain, fear, starvation, wars, power are the main protagonists.

The light is breaking through the wall.

The moon is high in the sky and 

The grey clouds are flying close.

Let it happen.

Break the wall, you’re not alone.

Create a new Era free of violence.


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