Oh, kind and cruel Morpheus,

please don’t wake me up.

I don’t want to find myself in an empty reality again.

Make me sleep comfortably in your arms and sing to me soft lullabies, leading me to a blissful eternal dream.

Don’t let my eyes open and make me linger in this warm reality eternally. 

I won’t ask you for more, oh Morpheus, this is a promise.

I only want you to not throw me in a harsh world again and let this heavenly happiness pervade me, without fear that it will fly away.

Let me live in this dream made of love, trust, projects, understanding, future.

I would gladly exchange day with night, make reality a beautiful dream and nights full of terrible nightmares. 

I do not care what’s the price I must pay for what I asked, as nothing is too pricey for my dream to become true.

So, please, take in mind my request and allow us our beautiful reality.


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