Once upon a time there was a phoenix.

Her soul was hundreds years old though her appearance was young.

Her heart was in a long sleep, waiting for her other half.

And one day, this awaited miracle happened;

Her heart started to beat for the first time, as something was giving it life.

She found her soul mate in the eternity of time and space.

From that moment her heart flew from her body and went to his new home,

While she was living with her lover’s heart inside her.

It was such an indescribable experience: two souls so intensely linked.

She thought it was going to be forever; that the other half of her soul would have never left her.

She really believed in fighting for who you love and not wanting to lose that.

What a foolish thought she had.

What a childish mind despite her old soul.

Did she really think that her other half was going to fight for them?

Did she really think that there was someone who would have fought for her?

The stupid phoenix was now alone in her despair.

A heart missing, her half soul dead. A tired body and excruciating thoughts in her mind.

Defeated. Drained. Dead.

The flebile hope of her return is switching off.

If you would have known that love is so beautiful but is going to kill you too, would you have experienced it however, old Phoenix?

I would have. However. Always.


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