Your ghostly hand is still tightly holding mine,

though you said there is no “us” anymore,

though you decided to give up fighting for us,

though you are not listening to my prayers.

I can feel them: your fingers intertwined with mine.

They are so delicate and so strong in the same time.

Oh, they feel so good in mine

The perfect match paired with me;

my only companion forever.

But ghosts can drive you crazy:

To exist, they absorb your life’s essence.

And you can’t send them away.

You just can’t, as they were part of the

most beautiful time of your life.

So, what do you do?

You linger in the memories with your ghosts,

also if by doing it you are giving up to your everything .

You don’t care.

You only dream that those ghosts can become reality again,

as you are still waiting.

My love, how many prayers should I say

before you come back to me?

My puppy, how many sleepless nights or nightmares should I live

before you come back to me?

My baby, how many days should I spend crying

before you come back to me?

My companion, how much should I still suffer

before you come back to me?

This life is not life anymore…

Will you ever come back to me?

Will you ever come and say “I’m back, I love you”?

Will you ever realize the love I hold for you?

Will you ever understand that there is nobody who can love you the way I do?

Will you ever grasp the reality?

We are for each other

How many questions without reply.

Do not wait till it’s too late.

Then, the only thing you will talk to would be a grave.



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