Red Lines

(WARNING: this is about self harming and may be highly triggering. So, please, if you self harm or are depressed, don’t read this. Thank you and hug you)


“Stop it. Don’t do it”

You hear this voice in your head thousands of times.

You wish it could just go away and let you in peace

Or being so effective that you follow the instruction.

But you don’t.

The pain is devouring you alive and

you can’t bear it anymore.

“Stop it. Don’t do it”

You know that there is something

deeply wrong in what you are doing.

You do know it.

But this is the only way to keep

the mental pain away for a little.

Only for some time.

“Stop it. Don’t do it”

The sorrow starts to decrease

when you make your mind.

Then, you look at your skin with pleasure

caressing it with care and

waiting for the next wave to come.

And then…

“Stop it. Don’t do it”

Too late.


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