They say I love too much. Too deeply. They say I’m too emotional. That I take things too much in my heart. They say I will forget. That I will stay better and heal. That I will eventually fall in love again. 

This is what I say to people too, when they suffer for a break up. Really. I say the same.

But I see love in a different way. I do have a personal concept of it. People can laugh or think I’m a delusional romantic, but I do believe in my ideal.

For the first time in my 22 years of life I had fallen in love. Love had always been a serious matter for me. Not something lightly. I wanted to wait for the right person and then being myself and open myself completely. 

Trust is difficult to feel.

But then, like a light, she came in my life. And, God, if I only could explain with words how I felt and how I feel now too only writing about it. She was my light, my love, my beautiful puppy.

When I love, I do it completely. She was for me my priority. And I tried to be with her always, though we are in long distance.

In the end, what’s the physical distance when love ties two people?

Still, yes, it was hard of course. Dealing with the desire to be with her, caress her, be close to her.

I don’t know what I want to say exactly. I’m losing myself in the memories…

Maybe I want to say that once you have found your soulmate, there isn’t another one. She is my one. My other half. And I do know that I won’t ever stop feeling love for her, nor I will fall in love with someone else. 

How do I know? Because she is the one. My soul knew that she is. 

Now that I lost her…what will I do? Nothing has a meaning anymore. 

Tell me, my love, what will I do? 

Should I survive in despair?

Why… why did you choose to leave and not fighting for us?

Love is fighting. Love is fighting for who you love… so why did you stop?

Wasn’t us worth fighting for?

Wasn’t me worth fighting for?



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