Who is the Other?

Who is that person that is observed, judged, persecuted?

Doesn’t that person all the characteristics that inscribe him/her in the human race?

What’s “the Other”? It’s simply other than me.

Then why do I considere him/her so different? Other than me, only means that it’s not me. Then…evertything that it’s not me it’s wrong, abnormal, against nature, limitated, something to throw away?

Yes, it’s certainly this way. Look at him.

He is so short and brune; his eyes seem wanting to know every secret. He is just in front of me.

A monster.

Look at how he deeply looks at me with his cold sight. Am I not the one to look at him in that way?

I’m doing the same, I’m looking at him in the same way. But why? Why he also has to to the same? Why has him to disprove me? I’m pure, just, in harmony with the nature. And him?

It’s him! He is the error! He is that hasn’t to be! Stop it!

He is trying to pick a fight! Stop it. Don’t look at me in that way! What do you want? Go away! Go away from my sight! An abomination! Go away!

Damn, if you don’t fucking go away I’ll punch you!

W – What’s that? Do you think I can’t do it? I’ll be kind. I’ll give you the time to run away. Yes, this is what you’re born to do.

Three..Run away now that you can!

Two…Go away and save yourself, I’m warning you.



Have you heard me? Are you stupid? Ok, now you’re pissing me off!

….This…hurts. It stings. Why? Why is it all red?

My hand…why does it sting?

And why there is…is it glass?! Where was it? But..why?

Why am I crying? Why? It’s so low. Why do I cry?

It’s me. It’s me.

The other it’s me.


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