– I’m scared
– Scared of what?
– I’m scared…
– Why? I’m here, talk to me. What makes you anxious?
– Sometimes it’s stronger, it becomes terrifying
– Did something happen?
– I hate to listen the melody of your voice when it’s worried, but I’m too scared.
– If you hate it, tell me, tell me what it is.
– I’m scared…terrified that one day you could..despise me. That one day you will leave me.
– Why do you say so absurd things? Why should I? Don’t overthink over such stupid things.
– I ruined everything
– You could ever ruin anything. Can I know what it’s going on that little cute head?
– Everything is my fault. I should have the courage, the strength, to go away from your life. But I can’t. I can’t…and my presence has ruined your relationship with your parents. Don’t caress me like that. It’s the truth. You could have kept living your life in tranquillity. You could have found someone, married, had children…but…
– Are you serious?
– Don’t laugh
– Sorry but I never heard so many absurdities all at once. I thought it was clear. You are all I want.
– …
– I’ll keep caressing you. Your skin is so smooth and delicate. I only need you, of your presence, of your heat, of your love.
– I don’t want to be a problem for you. It’s all so complicated now.
– Don’t be stupid. When we can we will go away from this contemporary Middle Age. We will go in Norway, in Sweden… I won’t leave you in this Hell. You’re everything to me. Everything I need. You complete me and give me new life every day.
– Your hand is hot
– Still scared?
– No…But…Hey! Don’t block in a so sweet way my word!
– You need punishment for having taken off time from our “sweet time”
– Ah! Ah! No! Don’t tickle me! I’m the one who is sorry but we have to stand up!
– No, it’s not right, don’t go away!
– Eh, eh, it’s your punishment.
– We are two stupid right?
– Two unsure stupid that love each other and worry too much for useless things…
– Two stupid that almost can’t believe how strong and complex is this emotion. Oh, you’re already back. Already missing me?
– A punishment for you is for me as well.
– No…don’t…don’t cry please. We swore it to each other.
– It’s all my fault!
– Nothing will ever happen! Nothing!
– stop..I’m here.
– Go away! Run! You must..Don’t hug me!
– I love you. I’ll be with you. Always with yo.
– Only I have to do it. You have to go! I’m begging you!
– Shh..I already did it.
– What…?! How Why didn’t you tell me? When?
– Don’t be agitated. shh..I couldn’t see you.. so..
– Give it to me!
– No damn it
– We have to do it love I’m not scared. I’m not scared anymore. I know it’s not over. I know we will see each other again. I feel it.
– I feel it too. Next time it will go better. I’ll protect you.
– Hug me..tightly. I want to feel you..your essence..entering in me and give me life.
– I desperately love you, do you know that?
– I know
– Don’t cry
– I love you
– Me too
– Do you think thay in the world it exist another live so unique and intense?
– It’s hard…my lo..
– …oh…are you already asleep? Sleep without worries my love. In a little I’ll sleep too. I’m with you…Shh…Where are you now? I don’t want you to be alone. Wait for me…I’m coming. I’m coming…


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