What’s a home?
Is this a dumb question? Maybe it is. A home may be a house, a structure in which we decide to live or, again, it can be a country. When we are so attached to it, we may call it our home. Or again, our home can be our family.
Right now, I’m living in my house, with my family, and I am really happy.
But something is constantly missing.
I am not at home. I have finally found it, you know? She has two arms, two legs, a head…
Yes, it’s a person.
She is my home, the place where I belong to…
She always says “Home is having a roof on your head” lol
I use two different terms: that’s a house. But she is my something very different than that.
In times like this I’s want to be the wind…to wrap my arms gently around you…and make you feel that I’m there with you.


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